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Don't take our word for it. 
See what our customers think of Intrex and its outstanding employees:


These are real testimonials/feedback sent to Intrex.  The last names and company names have been removed to protect the customers' confidentiality.

Dear Intrex Computers:

I’m writing to thank you for the miracle that your employee Bryce performed in your Durham store on Friday. Mid-afternoon I was working on a critical project with a commitment needed by 5 pm and a presentation due tomorrow. Deep in thought and intently focused, I fervently worked to finish when without warning my computer imploded with resonating sounds of ear-bending screeches and an immediate flash that lead took everything to black. Despite my best efforts at resuscitation, I was stopped dead in my tracks. A rush of fear overcame me as my hard drive light stopped flashing and my focused thought quickly turned to confusion…*&^%! How will I meet this deadline? How much will this cost? Where should I go? Why did I wait to back up the computer?

You see, I was laid off earlier this year and the project I was working on is an opportunity that could lead to full-time employment. In my mind, there was no good answer to this situation…miss the deadline and this opportunity?…spend money that I don’t really have to fix this computer?….no money to replace it with a new computer!…Having previously endured a horrible experience with Geek Squad, I reluctantly drove to your store expecting much the same.

Bound and determined to keep my composure while everything around me seemingly crumbled, I walked into your store. Within the blink of an eye, two staff members approached me to assist. As I shared the details of my computer’s demise, I lost the composure I so desperately wanted to display. With tears streaming down my face, I told Bryce about the events of the prior hour. He calmly and politely asked me the questions to collect the necessary information. He explained what he thought the situation was and what he needed to do in words that I, a non-tech person, could understand.

He offered a long list of solutions that could help me get through the weekend and tomorrow’s presentation – not just fixing my computer – but fixing the problems that I faced in the absence of my computer. I left the store with a feeling of reassurance that the computer was in the best hands possible.

Almost 4 hours later, I spoke with Bryce and he started the conversation with “I have some good news and some bad news”. He explained what had occurred with my computer. While the ideal scenario is to buy a new computer, he was able to install new memory that kept my computer working through the weekend and, hopefully, until a new one can be purchased. Tomorrow, I will be able to deliver the presentation on time - only because Bryce found a solution. If this opportunity leads to full-time employment, I will owe a debt of gratitude to Bryce who made it possible.

If you have an employee-of-the-month or other recognition program, I hope you will honor him for this exemplary service. His focus was on helping the customer - not just fixing the computer. He communicated in a way that a non-tech customer could understand. He promptly responded. And, he and the other gentlemen working that afternoon, couldn’t have been more professional, helpful or kind. I applaud you for the staff that you have there. They exemplify customer service. They made a miracle happen in your Durham store on Friday.

I realize that the fix on my computer may extend its life only a short while or it may prolong the inevitable purchase that I will need to make until hopefully I am employed full-time again. Regardless of when that happens, I will be back to have Intrex transfer the data and will use your services exclusively. As I left, I asked for a handful of business cards and I intend to share my experience with colleagues and friends.

Again, many thanks to Bryce and Intrex Computers – Durham.

Happy holidays!



About a month ago, in the midst of preparation for a major proposal, my screen turned blue - BSOD. I took it to Intrex, and was informed that there was a nasty virus in the system. This, despite having two premium, and regularly updated antivirus programs. Detecting, and fixing this problem took three visits, the last one over a week ago. In the interim, the helpdesk of the antivirus programs were extremely courteous but of absolutely no help. To make a long story short, the computer was finally fixed, and the proposal was accepted.
During this period, I was very impressed by the staff, especially Travis. I was kept informed regularly, especially on what was tried and failed or succeeded.
As a business person, I am always concerned about the interaction between frontline managers and customers. And felt that you should know the excellent, and likely unrecognized, quality of your staff in Chapel Hill. On the last three visits, I bumped into neighbors either entering or leaving the store. Certainly, an index of successful word-of-mouth advertising.

Best wishes,

Mike F.


I had the grand misfortune of a motherboard meltdown early this week. However, I had the great fortune of working with Intrex for my replacement laptop. Throughout the whole process I was in contact with Brice, Tech2 at the Hope Commons location in Durham. He could not have been more patient, nor could he have shown more care than he did to retrieve the data from the hard drive on the aforementioned machine with the mother board meltdown. Indeed, all of the individuals in that branch with whom I had contact were unfailingly polite and solicitous, without being overbearing. I would appreciate your passing these kudos on to the appropriate parties. You can take pride in the culture of service that is so pervasive at Intrex.

As an aside, I did choose your company over purchase from a big box shop in largest part because of an incident related to me by a friend earlier in the year about a satisfying transaction he had had in the Chapel Hill store. There is no recommendation better than a satisfied customer. Now there are at least two, with others no doubt to come.

Best regards, David H.

Thank for the outstanding service recently received at the Cary store. We had a redundant hard drive failure on an Intrex system purchased in 2008. My wife has a small business and can't go long w/out the PC. Jeff talked w/ us about the repair and the schedule; Bryan performed the repair. The PC is now repaired and was ready a little early - we appreciate the great service.
We are considering a laptop for business reasons. Our positive experience working w/ your team will positively influence what we do in the near future.

Thank you, Phil W.

I recently visited your Winston Salem store near Hanes Mall and would like to provide feedback regarding my experience while there. Specifically, I'd like to extend my sincere compliments to your assistant manager, Thomas Boggs.

Thomas went out of his way to help me with my computer problems and was courteous and professional in every way. I've since made 2 more trips to your store and can attribute my repeat business to his help. I've been in the computer business for 27 years and actually worked in the very first computer retail store in Greensboro in 1982 where I sold OSI, Xerox, NorthStar, Radio Shack and Atari systems. And while that doesn't make me special, it does qualify me to spot good people in this business. Thomas is one of them.

Lee H.

Dear Intrex Folks,

I have been using your services for years because of the consistent competence and helpfulness of your staff and because of your fair prices. Thanks you for your work.

Victor F.

Just a note of appreciation for how quickly and competently my Intrex computer was upgraded this week. I hit the repair queue when there was little else in it so the work was done more quickly than I had hoped possible. Joe at the Raleigh store took time to explain to me the various options for upgrading and called me a couple of times about issues when he had the machine on Wednesday. I have always been pleased and impressed with the service at Intrex--it is quick and extremely competent. I am one of these people who knows enough about computers to be dangerous and Intrex (together with my oldest son) are my lifelines when I have a problem. The quality product and the quick, accurate tech service will keep me coming back to Intrex as long as I can still see well enough to use a computer. Thanks for running a good business and thanks to Joe for his excellent help.

Best regards,
Art C.

I really appreciate the fact that every Intrex location I have visited has employees who are knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have purchased one custom-built machine from them for my parents and it works wonderfully! The Intrex techs were able to configure the PC exactly as needed without any extraneous software that comes on most off-the-shelf computers.  I have had some "issues" getting routers to work with our DSL. Even when I had a router that was not purchased at Intrex, those guys were always willing to answer my questions and help me get the routers configured. My recent purchase of a new router was at Intrex and all my future purchases of computer equipment will be, too. I live about 40 minutes away from the closest Intrex location (well two of them), but it is worth the drive to take advantage of helpful employees and great prices on the equipment I need.
Rene S.

Alex, Curt, Paul,

I want to thank you for the outstanding sales, service, and support you provided me last week as the Lenovo laptop I purchased failed to cooperate with my wireless setup. In these matters, I’m usually just shy of dangerous with what I can do to resolve technical issues, but I do try to give it my best shot. In this case, I did everything I could to figure out why the Lenovo would not connect. But when I needed to come back for help, you guys were terrific and went well beyond the call of duty to see me through.

I realize that I can be a fairly demanding client. When I buy something, and this is probably fifth or sixth system my company has purchased from Intrex, I simply want it to work, and I expect the people I do business with to ensure that it works. Unfortunately, many vendors don’t view things that way. They will often bail on the customer. I have done business with Intrex over the years because you don’t do business that way, and this laptop issue only proves the point.

Though I know I make demands, I am always quick to acknowledge great service and customer care. You guys performed in spades!

Many thanks,
Winslow S.

I ordered a new computer from your Intrex store on Thursday, June 5, 2008 from your sales person, Dave. This was at the Greensboro, North Carolina store at 5402 Hornaday Road.  While I have not yet received my computer as it is not due to be ready for delivery until either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, I wanted to let you know what a positive and pleasant experience I had working with Dave, your sales person.

He took all the time I needed to answer my questions and to present options for my choice. We looked up several details online and he demonstrated some concepts on equipment in the store that were important for me to understand before buying a computer. I am a design engineer for aircraft systems and equipment (I design electrical, structural and interior systems) so I grasp new technology very well when it is explained but computers are not my personal strength. So I asked a lot of detailed and probing questions to make sure I understood how to get what I wanted and that I was getting performance I desired. Dave took the time and had the expertise to show me all that I needed to know to feel comfortable about my purchase. I never felt rushed and I felt that he was enjoying working with me to make sure I was fully informed on my options.

I have been checking out the Intrex website (and all your competitors) for nearly two years in preparation for this purchase so I had a pretty good idea what Intrex offered. However, Dave was able to show me several options that were not on the website that improved the performance I will get with my computer. Some options saved me money while maintaining the performance I sought, and other options cost a bit more but Dave explained to me the value added that would get me where I wanted to be in terms of overall quality and capability. I am very pleased that I was able to work with Dave on this purchase, and he represents your company as a very strong positive example of knowledgeable and friendly customer service.

Best regards,
Craig B.

Last Christmas my husband decided to buy me a good computer. He took me to BestBuys (UGH!) Radio Shack (UGH!) Staples (UGH!) and on and on. Then he'd get angry because I got that glazed look and get-me-outa-here stare. But darn, I worked with quality people for years at UNC, and in New York. I KNEW there had to be something better than that! Then one of our neighbors told us about INTREX. She's had an INTREX computer for years. Still happy with it. So we went into INTREX in Chapel Hill. I was ready to walk out again and go eat Chinese food. But WAIT! There was this wonderful young man named Beau at the front desk. He was humble. He had integrity vibrating out of the very cells of his bones. He had experience (!!!!) with computers but wasn't afraid to slow-it-down in a very gracious and non-condescending way for someone like me (who is much less modern and remembers when computers weren't -- except VERY LARGE MAINFRAMES in huge buildings like at Columbia University). I can't begin to tell you enough good things about Beau. He has integrity, computer savvy, knows his customer base (like he very quietly asked where we live, then offered, "People down that area have a lot of problems with electrical outages -- you might want to do this ....) And yes, he was right. On the other hand, when there were things we didn't need, he had then integrity and knowledge to suggest alternatives for that too. And he was always there, relaxed and attentive when we had questions (and we had questions). So to put this email in a nutshell: YOU'VE GOT A WONDERFUL ASSET IN BEAU. He's the best! Thank you! "Leela" K.

We just wanted you to know that Glenn, the tech, and Curtis, the manager, at Intrex in Greensboro, NC were fantastic to work with.  We cannot express adequately their courtesy, helpfulness, and honesty. 

After spending more than six hours (at least three hours were waiting on hold) with a variety of individuals at Gateway and receiving many conflicting opinions we finally took the computer to Intrex on Monday.  It is now Wednesday and we have a new custom computer. 

The old computer was only eighteen months old and cost nearly twice as much as the new one.  We learned a very expensive lesson in computer buying.

I also want you to know that a retailer in the area and two IT people recommended Intrex.  We are sure glad they did.

Those men deserve a big pat on the back.

 Kathy and Frank G.

I picked a new Intrex Pro computer last week.  I want to tell you that it is impressive and working well.  I was pleased to be able to select the configuration I wanted from your webpage.  

Your staff was helpful and pleasant the whole way.  I was offered even more configuration options once in the store.  The prices were good, and the machine was ready quickly.  Thanks!

David R.

Walked into the Greensboro store on Battleground this evening and the guy was awesome!  He answered my questions and saved me time which is money to me.  Thank You!   

I'll be sending my computer for a tune up next week.

Rick M.

It's a great comfort to most of the professionals in the Triangle that if we need a PS2 adapter splitter or a USB floppy drive we can find it at Intrex, at a reasonable price (in the case of the floppy drive $20 less than ""Best"" Buy), and talk with folks who know their stuff.  

I am going to build a new machine soon and I can't imagine I'd buy the setup from anyone else.  

Thanks for being there. 

Carl M.

I wanted to take the time to bring to your attention that I am still amazingly pleased with your Greensboro locations all employees are friendly and always go the extra mile to make sure I'm satisfied. When I first started shopping at Intrex I had no interest in learning about computers but your employees wealth of knowledge quickly sparked my interest I recently received my A+ technician certification. There is two incidents that stand out in my mind I had bought a computer case two separate times and both mike and Lewis at the battleground location took the time to help me put them in my car I'm handicapped and I can tell you it means the world to me to see the level of customer service I receive when shopping at your stores. I have been awarded multiple sales and customer service awards from fortune 500 companies and I want to commend the time and effort that you must take to train your employees in this day not many companies seem to care about employees and Intrex sets the mark in the computer industry as far as I'm concerned.

 Keep up the amazing work.

 Sincerely Bryan M.

I just wanted to let you guys know you REALLY should be proud of your tech staff. I ended up bringing my computer in for diagnostics on a very strange intermittent I/O error. The company I bought it from let me talk to their technical support, but they had no idea what was going on. Your techs immediately came up with BOTH right answers (nothing like a problem caused by two sources). Perhaps the fact that 98 won't run a 2 gig processor or that Nvidia chipsets needs specific memory chips or it will error is common knowledge among techs currently working in the shop, but not only was I impressed with the knowledge and expertise, but the courtesy and the promptness I was shown. Even though I've worked in a tech shop repairing computers and I knew all those computers lined up on the rack were in front of mine, I truly felt that they made every effort to get my particular problem solved as fast as possible.  

Your staff really inspires confidence and trust, no only through their expertise, but though their attitudes. Thanks.


While my last computer purchase was a Dell, my latest PC purchase was an Intrex, and I can totally credit Alex of your NW Raleigh store for that decision.  I would like to share my purchasing experience with you, as it clearly demonstrates the meaning of customer service and the difference one employee can make. 

While my 2.2Ghz Dell is still going strong, I wanted to purchase a dedicated video editing PC complete with specialized video editing hardware (Matrox). This would not be a low end machine, and I was very concerned about meeting the hardware compatibility and hard drive set-up requirements of the video card.  In fact, Matrox encourages users to buy turnkey machines and I also looked at this approach with a local video specialist and a large NY video/photo retailer.  

Alex, however, won my business and respect by distinguishing himself (and Intrex) through his knowledge, follow-up, and sincere personal interest in understanding my application.  He got involved, making numerous phone calls and keeping the communications flowing. He gave me the confidence that I would get a PC that would meet my requirements. I also trusted that Alex would help me in the event that I did run into some compatibility issues. He personally made sure that the PC was built with the required configuration. 

Last night, I picked up my new PC and successfully installed my video editing card and the associated software tools and Adobe programs.  I've got a great  looking, quiet, and fast Intrex PC running dual monitors with an additional TV display!   

I wanted to make sure you knew what a gem you have in Raleigh.  Thank you Alex, and thank you Intrex!

Eric C.

This is a note to commend the customer service and tech support in the Raleigh store off Wake Forest Road.  We had taken my computer in on Friday and I followed up on Monday, as I was eager to find out what to expect with my computer (and HP) since I work from home.  I spoke to Christian 2-3 times Monday and he was very courteous and patient each time I called.  I have heard a lot of good things about Intrex  - your tech support and computers - and now I know why. 

I feel sure I will purchase an Intrex whenever this computer fails me.

Best Regards, 

Pam K.

I recently ended up in a ""panic"" mode situation when my wife's computer (of 5 years) decided to quit connecting to the network.  I showed up with a list of parts at the Winston-Salem office, where Jon patiently built a stack of parts that would play together.  He took the time to be sure this video card would work with that mother board, explain the differences between this CD-RW/DVD and the other, and so on.  The total price came in right at my price point.  

Rather than have y'all build the box (which would have probably been more cost effective), I made the management decision to build the box myself.  I called a couple of times for help, and Jon was able to ask the questions necessary to find the information needed to get me going again.  

Karol is very happy with her new computer. 

You should be very happy with Jon.  I am.


I would first like to say that I have been a loyal customer since 1998 and will continue to as long as you have employees such as Chris (at Raleigh location). My computer was experiencing a Windows registry problem and would not run programs or even stop running programs that were shut down so that I could trouble shoot the issues my computer. First I would like to tell you that this was not the first time that Chris has helped me. The times that Chris in the service department has repaired my computer he was professional, he listened to what I was saying, and he called me to let me know the status of my repair/OS issues.

I am a HVAC & Energy Management Consultant for many Businesses and Corporations in North Carolina and meet Corporate V.P's down to the people that answer the phones. Intrex should be proud to have an employee that has nothing to give/provide but professional perfection. Customer service, time and presentation make all the difference in sales especially with the way the economy is currently.

Intrex, keep up the superior quality of your stores and hold on to employees like Chris.


Frank T.

Dear Folk;--  I live approx 65 miles from the Cary location. On Thurs I experienced what I thought was a Power Supply failure.         Although I had expected to arrive  at Cary in the AM  FRI I was unable to get there until  the forenoon. I left the box, and  continued into Raleigh where I had some serious business to attend. Late again I returned to Cary . Your gentlemen were very polite and pushed aside previous work to look at the problem . They quickly verified that there was a power supply problem and replaced the PS.

Please accept my thanks to your organization for its help in the past and particularly  your employees and manager at the Cary location. They saved me over 100 miles RT that I would have had to do Saturday. 


Dave C.

I'd just like to thank everyone at the SW Greensboro store for the great job you did fixing the problem I had with my new computer.

I'm impressed by your professionalism, responsiveness, and courtesy. I can't say enough good things about the way I was treated but I can say I'll recommend you to everyone I know. Why anyone would want to deal with any of the other so called 'computer super stores' in the area is beyond me - I guess it's because they don't know there's a better alternative. Again, thanks for all your help, extra plaudits to Curtis for keeping me up to date on what was happening. I couldn't be happier.

Steve C.

I live in Cary, NC and just wanted to send a note of appreciation about the local Intrex store. I am somewhat of a novice to computers and, when I need advice, I know I can rely on them for help without being made to feel foolish. They are good people giving good service.

Mike R.

I purchased a PCMCIA card for my laptop a few years ago from Intrex and couldn't find the driver anywhere. Last week I called Intrex in Chapel Hill and talked to John. I told him my problem and he took my number and said he'd see what he could do about finding the driver. About an hour later he called and informed me he found the driver and said I could pick it up anytime.

I thought this was very nice  and above and beyond the call of duty, and I wanted John's employer to be aware of his dedication to his job.

Thanks for the good customer service,

Ricky A.

I am writing to laud the efforts of Tim in your Durham store. Tim has gone above and beyond duty on many occasions to help me  and my school out.  He will patiently answer any and all of my tech and sales questions; he makes effective suggestions for parts, etc.

Most recently, he used his lunch hour to run to the Chapel Hill store so he could fill a rush order for me that i desperately needed that afternoon!  This is not uncommon behavior for Tim. 

Overall, Tim is knowledgeable and courteous.  Moreover, he is a tremendous asset to your company. 

Greg T.

I bought an Intrex system years ago which recently presented problems. I took the machine to the Cary store and a young man named Brian helped me.  After just a day or two, Brian called me and told me the machine had been repaired and was ready for pickup.  It is unfortunately unusual these days to see good examples of customer service.  I feel compelled to comment on Brian's assistance to me.  He was helpful, informative, and patient.  He explained issues in a manner which I could comprehend.  He reminded me of why I made an excellent decision when I purchased an Intrex system and why I plan to continue to patronize Intrex.  Thank you and thank Brian for exceptional customer support.  

David M.

Thank you for a quality job and the extra effort for a quick turn around.    Great service and truly knowledgeable people can be hard to come by and when found, should be recognized when found.    Thanks. 

William H.

Hi, guys. I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided for my ailing computer. I just got it back yesterday after it spent a few days in your shop, and it's like I have a brand new computer back again.  You replaced the hard drive, with all data intact (thanks!) and it's speeding along just like it did when you put it together 10 months ago.

Having had this problem makes me very grateful that I decided to go with a local shop where I could get faster, more personal service. I hate to think of what a hassle it would have been to have to return it to one of the big boxes for repairs.

Susan P

I am very pleased.  My name is Bryan M. and I shop at the Intrex store on battle ground avenue in Greensboro. I would like to bring to your attention how pleased I am with the level of customer service I receive. Everyone in the store is always polite and courteous and I never have to wait very long for service. In specific the employee's go the extra mile for me whether I have a technical question or a problem with my computer your employees and Mike especially bend over backwards to make sure I am a happy customer.  I am in customer service myself and am considered the top for our company in the nation so as a consumer it is very hard to impress me with customer service because I'm very picky.  I think these guys are the best I have ever seen out of any company I have ever come in contact with. when I call the store the phone never rings more than three times I am never put on hold. and when I enter the store I am greeted within my first few steps whether they are busy or not.  I can't express to you how much this means to me.  These days companies seem to care less and less about customers and because of the wonderful service I receive I will continue to shop at Intrex on battleground and I will also recommend to everyone I know to shop at Intrex. I really think they set the standard In the computer industry.


Bryan M.

For the last 4 years I have been doing all my computer business with Intrex and I must tell you that the people in the Raleigh wake forest rd. have done a great job. I must commend specially Joe for the great help and technical support that he has provided for me personally and to my family.

Luis V.

My name is Eddie Evans  and I work for ****, Inc.I have been working with Brad since he was at the other store and can say only good things about him. I recently talked my company into changing over to Intrex laptops for our technicians.  We made some tricky requests of Brad and he worked after hours to meet our needs. He spent his spare time for several days finding custom drivers and testing them.  Due to Brad's dedication my company bought nine new laptops decked out and have had only a few minor problems. Brad addressed the problems the instant they arose and we lost no data or precious time from the instances. His devotion to his job and doing it right is the reason why Intrex has our business. My corporate office is looking at new servers and next year possibly new laptops for our salesman. Brad has our business. Thank you for a job well done.

Eddie E.

I just wanted to compliment you on your staff at Winston-Salem. Because they were so helpful I am planning to assemble my own PC with parts from your store rather than buy a Gateway or Dell. Jim Clarke was especially helpful and just generally fun to talk to!

Thank You


I promised the folks at your Raleigh, NC store that I'd send this positive feedback your way.  And it was an easy promise to make, since they helped me out of a real jam.  

I use my Intrex-built computer in my audio studio and it burned out a power supply over the weekend.  A call Monday morning confirmed what I needed and the fellow I spoke with said if I could get the unit to him that day, he'd likely have it running again before closing, or at least by the next morning. He was better than his word.  the unit was repaired, and extra memory added, a mere three to four hours after I dropped it off.  I am up and running as of Tuesday morning and I am very relieved, as are the clients who depend on me. 

To top it off, I was told that since the system was Intrex-built, there was no labor charge, even though the unit is more than 2 years old and I expected no warranty of any kind. 

I am very impressed...and you should be as well...with the people you have working at your Raleigh store.

Thank you very much.

Rowell G.

I think that I have been an Intrex customer for about 5 years.  I have only purchased 4 systems from you all of which are still in operation.  They are currently being used in our home for personal and business. The purpose of this communication is to compliment both the sales staff and Service staff at your Wake Forest Road store. 

Sales Staff - Obviously over four years I have seen a number of sales people come and go.  I purchased my last 2 systems and assorted upgrades to my other machines primarily from Jon.  He has always been very knowledgeable and willing to share information with me in terms that a less technical savvy person like myself understands.  His recommendations have always made sense.  Jon is a good listeners and addresses my needs as a customer.  That is one reason why I continue to come back to that store.

Service Staff - The primary reason I come back to Intrex is for the service.  What good would it be to purchase a product and not be able to obtain service.  Joe and his service team are excellent!  They are very knowledgeable. But if they don't know something they are not afraid to say so and then go find the answer from somebody else.  On a recent service visit to upgrade two older machines they recommended changing the power supplies because recently they have had some problems going bad and destroying the machine in the process .  They could have just as easily overlooked them but they were pro active and in doing so potentially prevented more expensive future problems.  They are thorough in their work and accessible to answer stupid questions from customers like me, time permitting.  When I have a problem that I can't figure out myself I can call them and they will either tell me how to fix it, if it is an easy fix, or tell me to bring it in for service.  AboSincerely,   

Scott S.

I have been an Intrex customer for several years now and have always been a satisfied customer so when we moved into our new home and needed new DSL service, it was a natural for me to use Intrex. 

I signed up for premium DSL service.  Without boring you with details, let me just say that Jimmy is the perfect example of what it means to ""go the extra mile"".  I believe that if he hadn't persevered in dealing with a truly frustrating situation, I would not have a working system today and you would not have a new customer.  

I just wanted you to know how lucky you are to have someone of Jimmy's caliber working for you.


Martin B.

Many thanks to your service staff, and to Joe in particular, for the excellent advice and timely support in upgrading my computer.  I dropped off my CPU around 10:00 AM and by close of business the same day had a lightening fast, completely rebuilt machine -- for about half the price of a new one.  Moreover, Joe called me two or three during the course of the day to discuss my needs vs. my wants.  He showed a great deal of interest and patience explaining where I would recognize the greatest benefit...and for the best price.  By discussing how I actually used my computer I found more often than not that he was actually able to talk me out of buying some of the latest and greatest, but to concentrate instead on where my investment would matter most.  I really appreciate this kind of service and consideration for my needs as well as my pocketbook.


David J.

kudos: Robert came to my house and solved a challenging home networking problem.  He is very efficient, pleasant, informative, and patient.  I appreciate the excellent, knowledgeable service. 

Thank you, 

Donald T.

I used to live in Raleigh, where we became aware of your company. Your Raleigh store provided us with excellent service. We moved to Winston-Salem 4 years ago, and I was grateful to see that you had a store here. We have gone to them a few times and are extremely impressed with their prompt support and professionalism. 

Thanks again.

Bill C.

I wanted to write a quick note to give a kudo to one of you employees.  David helped me build an outstanding computer.  He guided me through the process and always gave great customer service.

Marc G.

I just wanted to compliment Beau and Brad on helping me out with my computer this weekend.  They were there on Saturday when no one else could fix my computer.  They were helpful, efficient, and kind, and thanks to them my computer was up and running within 20 minutes.  They should both be commended for a job well done.  Thanks for your time and consideration. 

Ashley V.

Brad and Joe provided me some very good service today at Holly park location.

Thanks so much for having good folks.

John B.

I recently took my system to your Raleigh store after talking with Justin at great length.  The system needed some work, and I wanted to upgrade.   

I'd like you to know that I found working with Justin a delight.  He was so informative and helpful, and was incredibly patient with me.  I consider myself a technology novice, but Justin explained things in a way that enabled me to make informed decisions without making me feel I was taking too much of his time. 

Obviously Intrex wants employees who have good technical skills.  When those employees also have good PR skills, it makes dealing with Intrex an even greater pleasure. In the years since you built our system, it is working with people like Justin and Robert that gives me the confidence to urge friends who are buying new systems to avoid places like Best Buy and go straight to Intrex.

Thank you,

Lynn Y.

I would like to compliment your organization on the professional, Dave, that visited our home last week and took care of multiple software issues with our desktop.  Dave's expertise and customer interaction were superb.  Please give Dave my thanks for a job well done.

Tripp W.

Great service!!  I just wanted to express my appreciation for the service I received in your Wake Forest Rd location about a month ago.  The processor on my motherboard broke/burned up - whatever processors do.  I originally went to a different company because I was referred there by a family member.  What a mistake that was!  My computer sat in their building for close to a week before they got a chance to look at (after telling me that it would be looked at either the day I brought it in or the very next morning).  After testing, they told me that it was indeed the processor, so I talked with them about processors that would work and I ordered one.  When the processor eventually came in, I picked it up to install it myself - I wasn't going to wait another week it to get done for me.  But, when I installed it, it still wouldn't boot up, so I called them.  This time I spoke with a different person in their shop - ""Oh, that motherboard won't run that processor"".....  Thanks a lot for selling me it then and they didn't have a board in stock that would support it (I wasn't going to wait another 4 days for a motherboard either).....  I was so fed up with computers and computer stores at that point.  I called your shop and asked if you could help me - ""Yes, we have a few motherboards in stock that will work with that processor"".  Great!  The only problem is that it is close to closing time, but I thought that I would still try to get there in time to purchase it. I probably got to the store 10 minutes before closing time (I am that dreaded customer that comes in at the last minute with more than 10 minutes worth of business to do - I felt so bad, but really needed to get my computer up and running since it had been down for a week already).  Your employees, Scott and Christian, were my heroes that week!  They asked me about my video card, I didn't know the answer, but my CPU was in my car. One of them went out to my car to see what I had and then carried my computer into the store so that they could remove the new processor from the board that wouldn't support it and install it into the new motherboard that I purchased.  In case you were wondering, it is now past closing time - but the employees were still extremely helpful.  They installed the processor and then carried my CPU back out to my car for me.  Never in a million years would I have received this treatment from the ""other"" store that I was at earlier that week.

Thank you so much, and I am so sorry that it took me this long to write the feedback.  I was so angry about how things had gone that week, and you proved that there are still decent people out there.  You have gained a customer for life, and I tell everyone of the great service that got at your store.  

Thanks again,

Karen T.

Just wanted to let you know that I'm REALLY pleased with the service that I've gotten at your Chapel Hill Store.  Specifically, Bo helped me configure my new computer, answered all my questions, educated me about what I was asking for and getting, reassured me through the decisions I made about components, AND understood my excitement about getting the computer in quick-time. I feel like I have a personal consultant.  

A friend introduced me to your company when I called him in desperation.  I had my mouse on the ""purchase now"" button of the Dell Web Page ... thank goodness I had the good sense to recognize that I knew practically nothing about computers (except that mine was too slow, with too little space). That was last Friday. On Saturday morning I put the actual order in at the Intrex store. It was ready on WEDNESDAY! And the guys in the store loaded it into the car as well.  

Finally, it's a pleasure to support a North Carolina company. I'm telling everybody about you.  


Leslie G.

I have been dealing with your Greensboro location for about 2 years. Since I first came into that store I have bought parts to build 2 computers for myself. Along the way I have encountered a few problems. Not with the store but with the computers. I really like the service I get from the personnel there, whether I take something in for service or if I telephone. Folks have always been helpful and friendly. Also I have noticed that your prices are competitive. Because of the service I have received from this store I've never felt that I need to go anywhere else for service or parts.  

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has received outstanding service from the employees there, so I think that they all should be commended for jobs well done.

Thank you,

Doug B.

I had the pleasure this past Saturday of walking into your store in Raleigh and being treated to an excellent example of customer service. I'd had my desktop system stop working on Friday, and had been working through a series of diagnostic steps to determine the cause. I asked if I could speak with your top troubleshooter, and was connected with James. He very patiently listened to my description of the symptoms and of the steps I'd already taken, then pointed me in a direction I'd previously overlooked. His insight was right on target, and I was able to fix my system by putting in a new power supply (I'd previously thought that the mainboard had gone bad, and that I might have fried both of my HDDs). That he was willing to take the time to educate someone who wasn't in the store to spend a lot of money really impressed me, and has convinced me that when it's time next year to do a full system upgrade, your store is where I'm coming for my components, because I can be sure that I'll get the help I need if I have any glitches while installing them.

 Keep up the good work!

 Will P.

I want to acknowledge Jimmy at the Raleigh Intrex store for his outstanding customer service today and I want you to know how he created a ""delighted customer!""  As a professor of Adult Education, I am compelled to share this lesson in what ""delightful customer service"" looks like to me.


On Friday the screen of my Gateway 5300 notebook went black and my efforts to restore my desktop were unsuccessful. 


Gateway Experience:
Today I went to the Gateway Tech Support Store in Cary, NC and requested that my machine be checked.  In the process of my interactions with the clerk and completing 3 pieces of paper - I was informed that repair services would require me to have an impression of my credit card made so that if the problem fell into one category I would be automatically charged $129 and $299 for another set of problems.  However, if the problem was with my LCD screen or motherboard I would be called about the charges over $300.  I was also informed that the data I most wanted to know was secure (Quicken files) was not able to be backed-up or recovered.  I was also told that after a few diagnostic tests in NC my computer would be sent to Texas for any repairs and there was not a guarantee of how long my machine would be tied-up. 

Intrex Experience:
I entered the store and explained the problem.  Jimmy very politely asked if he could plug it in and check it out while I was here.  The outcome was that the hibernate feature was enabled and he disabled it, showed me what to do in the event something like this happened again and returned my computer to me.


Gateway - I left with my machine mumbling under my breath about how I was a loyal customer with 3 Gateway machines at home and what a shame it was that Gateway has gotten so big that this was how customers were treated now... like just another credit card...

Intrex - I learned something new about my computer settings and was relieved to find out that the problem was with me and not the machine.  I left feeling that the world was a better place because of people like Jimmy.

I was so aware of the distinctions between my 2 experiences that I felt compelled to communicate with each company as soon as I returned home.

Thanks for listening to me,


Paula B.

Today I received great service at the Glenwood Ave. store in the repair of my Intrex purchased computer.


John G.

A note is in order to thank you for the training and emphasis on Service that is obvious when one enters your store.  

I had the misfortune of blowing a PS and system board in my system. I run a small home-based business and rely on system availability. I purchased a new PS, and planar, processor, and went home to install it myself over the weekend. For some reason there was a plurality of problems that boggled my capabilities to diagnose.  Telephone support from the Glenwood Ave Store in Raleigh confirmed that I was chasing-down the symptoms correctly, but the system still would not boot past the BIOS screen.  

I swallowed my pride and drove over, with carcass in hand, Monday afternoon 7/1. As luck would have it, the system was still not working in the presence of your technicians.
After about an hour, Alex, Brad, and I had isolated that a CDRom somehow would work well except when the system board was powered. Somehow, there was a soft failure, probably related to the original PS failure, that disabled the south bridge.  After removing the device, they let me sit out front as I reinstalled XP.  This was especially helpful to me because I was gun-shy over the prior problems, plus, I had to be able to close out the month of June and the 2nd Quarter financials.  

I stopped by this afternoon to personally thank them and report to them that I had restored everything and also that I had apparently not corrupted any data files.  

Your guys are good.  This experience reinforces my belief in supporting local businesses rather than saving a penny or two with web purchases.  

Bill G.

I live in North Raleigh, North Carolina and I visited your store of Wake Forest Road, Raleigh today. Joe, the service manager, assisted me. He helped me select a new motherboard, CPU, and memory. Joe installed all my upgrades and made my life easier. He was very nice and helpful.  

I will recommend your store(s) to others. You have great prices and service.

Keep up the good work.

Richard R.

Since 1998 our company, purchased all of its computer hardware from your Cary store.  We have and continue to be very satisfied with its operating performance.  

Today, I had a question about video card drivers, due to upgrading our system to Windows 98 SE.  I called the store just to get the video card information about a PC from your records.  I spoke with Tony who went way beyond the call of duty in assisting me, not only in getting the information, but also the installation of the appropriate driver.  It is not often that one receives excellent customer service, especially when an immediate sale is not pending.  I trust that you will commend Tony, as he has improved your already strong reputation in my eyes.  

Thank you very much.

Robert W.

I have been utilizing your Raleigh, NC store for the last few upgrades to our two systems. I was using PC Innovations locally until they went belly-up last year. I truly wish they had gone bankrupt sooner for I have been extremely impressed  by the professional, personal, prompt service I've received from Joe Bryan there.  

Best regards,

John J.

Once again, I have had a wonderful experience with your Cary, NC location.  I trashed my AT&T computer's operating system yesterday when trying to free up space to load Windows.  To further complicate things, I did not know my ""Administrator"" password.  Thanks to Chris, who worked tirelessly to get a back door into my system and ultimately upgrade my system to Windows, my system is up and running again within 24 hours.   

This is the second time within the last year, that my experience with these very talented technicians in Cary have saved my hide and got me back to work post haste. 

Well done, Chris and thank you!!!

Terry C.

I purchased a power supply at the Cary store about 3 months ago & have recently had some problems with voltage fluctuations.  This afternoon I stopped by the store hoping to have the problem verified and (if necessary) get the power supply repaired or replaced.

The staff at the Cary store are to be commended for their prompt and courteous service.  Even though I had lost original receipt, they were able to verify my purchase.  In addition, despite assisting an increasing number of customers, they were able to quickly verify the problem and offer a replacement.  

It's refreshing to have a knowledgeable, capable, and friendly resource available.


Paul H.

I want to relay my appreciation and thanks for your services.  My home PC was recently infected with a virus that severely impaired its performance. I took my machine into your Wake Forest Road office and was told that I would be charged $60/hour and it would be 3-5 days before my computer was completed.  I received a call later on that day explaining that my computer was fixed and the charge would be $30.   

I just wanted to write and say thank you for allowing me to be back on-line in an incredibly short time.  My computer is operating perfectly and I'm extremely satisfied with your service.   In the future, I will continue to use Intrex for my computing needs and will also recommend your services to others. 

Many thanks, 

Taylor H.

I would like to thank all the guys at the Raleigh store and particularly Robert for the patient showed to me in repairing and updating my computer.  A series of problems no less than a hard drive with corrupted system files was handled with a speedy and professional manner.  I can not see why anyone would buy a computer on line from someone like Dell or Gateway with no support except on the phone or on line.  

Great job, I will be back and I will recommend you to all my friends.


Ben M.

I would like to commend the folks at your Greensboro store.  I have dealt with them for little PC bits (cables, power supply, misc cards, etc.) over the last couple of years and have even sent a few friends up who eventually bought PCs.  

Recently I had a HD failure and in the process of restoring my PC encountered significant problems which initially led me to believe I had a bad Motherboard.  I made several visits to the store to discuss symptoms and to troubleshoot certain components of the PC.  Based on some suggestions of your staff, I made one more attempt to get it back up before plunging in with the new hardware.  Low and behold it came up and is working fine.  I did purchase a couple of case fans from the store to help relieve an airflow problem in the case.  

Please pass along my thanks to your Greensboro staff and trust that when I do need a new PC that I will be calling on Intrex.

Thanks again, 

Mike G.

I was helped by Robert at the Raleigh store on Wake Forest Rd. on Saturday. He did an excellent job at both fixing my computer and explaining what was wrong.


Frank E.

I've still got my ""oldie-goldie"" Intrex desktop that I bought from you when you were just one store in Raleigh. It has had major upgrades, by your folks in Winston-Salem and then again by your folks in Greensboro.  

I recently had a problem where the ""C"" drive got wiped - probably by a virus. Your tech, Jonathan, was most helpful in assisting to diagnose and clear the problem. I then had some problems reloading drivers and other such goodies. Your Tech, Mike, really - seriously, went the extra mile and certainly vindicated the decision to buy from Intrex in the first place.

My ""getting off work time"" of course closely corresponds to your closing time. When I got home, I called in for some extra support in restoring my software and Mike was very helpful. Closing time came and we were still having some issues with the computer not seeing all the drivers it needed. Mike stuck with me. He stuck with me for another 45 minutes. I'm in a service business myself and know that this was not something he HAD to do. I also greatly appreciate the fact that he did stick with me until we got the computer fixed. 

I thanked him over the phone, but now want to do so in a more meaningful way. Thank YOU - for having such a dedicated, professional staff to support our purchases.  

Jay C.

Well, I have my new Intrex computer up & running that I picked up. It is a great computer & I am really enjoying it. I turned it on within 15 minutes of arriving home and let it run all night to check out the system. So it ran for a good 16 hours the first evening and night. I would like to thank Jeff Warner for the time he spent with me going over all the computer components and answering my questions. After I selected the parts I wanted he then  suggested some upgrades. I purchased several of these and am happy I did. It is running just great without a hitch. It is a fast machine to. When I am up that way, I will stop in to say hello.


Jay M.

I would like to bring to your attention the wonderful staff at your Raleigh NC store.  In the past they have been courteous and helpful.  They have always been knowledgeable in their subject and willing to instruct, teach, and guide customers regardless of the customer's expertise.  

But it is always when you have problems that the true extent of a company's commitment is evident.  This past week when I had my problem, the entire staff, sales and service, exhibited their commitment.  The Plexwriter bought by us at Project Enlightenment (Wake County Public Schools) became defective. Our own service technician would not work on it because it was not original to the computer.  When I called Intrex (Holly Park), they told me to bring the Plexwriter in as it was still under warranty. 

I initially requested the purchase of the Plexwriter on the recommendation of your sales department.  We purchased two of the internal units.  They workedwonderfully. 

Your Holly Park store personnel all were helpful, courteous, and positive in their attitude in dealing not only while I was at the store, but also on thevarious (and numerous) calls I had to make to install the new unit.  John (sales), Brian (sales), Matt (technician) and Joe Bryant (Service Manager) were the gentlemen I dealt with personally.

Thank you for having such a staff. 


 Gloria D.

Hi.  I got a new Intrex computer at the Raleigh store a little over a year ago.

Jason has helped me so much via email.  He answers me VERY quickly.  He's always friendly and ready to answer my questions, calm my nerves and give me advice. He's wonderful!

I've already thanked him, but I wanted everyone to know!  

Susana V.

Just want to say that Mike and the folk at Intrex on Battleground in Greensboro are really on the ball and their prices can't be beat.  Not long ago, they built a much needed PC for my daughter and she's really enjoying it.  I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on our computers; I'm one happy customer! 

David E.

Dear Intrex, 

I purchased the parts for a new computer a couple of weeks ago from Hank at your store on Wake Forest Road.  Since then I have had several problems putting it together.  This is the first time I have attempted to do this type of thing and I have called several times to ask questions.  Each time I have called, Hank has given me very good and patient advice.  Thank you for providing such great service.

Frank R.

Well -  here I am again to report another wonderful experience I just had with Intrex in Raleigh.  Even with the new power source that I recently had installed - my computer would freeze up - cursor would not work - and sometimes just go black.  So I decided to see what your people could do to help me out. 

Monday - 11/19 - we were going to the beach for a couple of days and decided  that would be a good time to take it in.  We returned today 11/21 and stopped to pick it up on the way into town.  It was ready and the service manager, Joe, who worked on it himself - explained that I had a virus on it (which I did not even know) and he removed that, he removed AOL 6.0 and reinstalled 7.0, he installed an anit-virus program I received from AOL and had not yet installed,  he said when the Time Warner Techs installed cable recently something (a card) they put in was not in properly and he fixed that, and I do not even remember all the other things he did.  I guess Joe must be a magical wizard - because when I got home and attached all the wires and got it up and running it was like a different machine.

I am 68 years old - and learning all there is to know about the computer does not come easily to me.  But I love being able to email with family and friends - and shop on line, and I am treasurer for my church (that program is on lotus), etc - thus making the computer invaluable to be.  I actually feel a little stupid when I come to the shop with my problems - because they must be so elemental to the people that work there.  But they never make me feel stupid.  They are courteous and helpful and WONDERFUL.  I am so thankful my son-in-law suggested that I purchase the computer from them - because the service you provide is exceptional.  Thank you !!

I wish you all a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving !!!

Sylvia K.

Excellent service.  I purchased my computer in January from the Intrex store in Raleigh, NC.  The price was certainly competitive - but the service from this store is exceptional.  Yesterday (Nov. 14) my screen went black - and the computer would not re-boot.  I called the Intrex store and they told me to bring it in.  I did about 1:30 pm.  At 4:30 the service tech called and said it was ready - that the problem was the power supply and that the cost would be $28 - no charge for labor because I had purchased it there.I was particularly anxious about having it repaired quickly - because today I am having AOL cable installed and had waited 2 weeks for this appointment. 

The Intrex store came thru for me.  The personnel in the store are always courteous and willing to help.  When I buy my next computer it will definitely be from Intrex.

Sylvia K.

Great Service.I have been dealing with Intrex for a number of years and at both the Winston Salem and Greensboro stores I have gotten great service, and always from friendly people. They have always been up front with me and never tried to sale me something I did not need.  With great thanks to Jeff, Tim and John and Lewis and Curtis.

Edward B.

You all should be very proud. I'll try to keep the story short.  i moved to Greensboro from northern NY near Canada, where I was vice president of operations and technology for a large bank and holding company.  Up to this point in time the bank provided me with the latest in laptops, etc.  I moved here without a pc. I was able to use the one at the apartment complex business office.  but it was very slow, the printer didn't work for crap and there was no internet access.  after the first couple of weeks I knew I had to find myself a pc and get on the net.   One might think that this would be easy for someone to do with all the pc stores around us.  But my wife said don't purchase one until you get some real good feeling from buying it.  Yes, we had a number of conversations about what was a good feeling.  find a passion it was where we ended up.  I assure you I went all over looking and talking PCs.  Even got to know manager of one very large store on a personal basis.  I even went back to the same stores to see if I would get a better feel for product and service.  I did this with your store on battleground as well.  I waited for other customers to be waited on just to see how everyone was being treated and what might make them different from all the others.  What I found was that your person named Lewis was the big difference.  He had the great deal of knowledge, went out of his way to help his customer, was more then honest in all regards with the customer no matter what that meant, made the customer feel good about buying, sold things to customers because they trusted him, helped his fellow employee,  believed in and was passionate about his products and never gave me the feeling that he wasn't interested in me as a customer despite the fact that I wasn't yet ready to buy.   

Short of story is, Lewis was the main reason I purchased a system from you.  Yes, I'm more than pleased with the system itself and would recommend others to buy a custom system from your company as well.  And yes I've been back to the store and each and every time I'm treated in the same wonderful way. 

A very satisfied customer,

Harry L.

I am writing to express my appreciation for the quality customer service that Brad provided me at your store earlier this week. I am not very knowledgeable regarding computers, so when my computer started making hissing noises followed by clinging and clanging, I panicked. I took my tower to your store. Brad replaced the hard drive after explaining the many possibilities of what could have happened. He also put my old hard drive on a machine and found out that it is still under warranty. Then, he went a step further to offer to send it in for me and call me when it is returned.  

What I thought was going to be stressful turned into a very pleasant experience. I left the store happy. In a time when everyone is rushing to get customers ""out of the way,"" I appreciate the way Brad took his time to explain things and give me undivided attention. Please let Brad know that his knowledge and kind personality make a wonderful customer service package. 

Also, my computer works better than ever. My daughter said, ""Mom, the computer works better now than it did when we first got it.

 A very satisfied customer,

Toni T.

Can't say enough good things about the guys at the chapel Hill store, they went SO far beyond the call of duty so many times for me I'm astounded.  They all deserve a raise starting immediately.  I'm so glad I bought at Intrex and will say so to everyone I know.  I won't buy anywhere else ever.

Also Glenn at tech support has been great during troubles I had that were not even related to my ISP service.  He also went way beyond the call of duty for me. 

Again the guys at the store were all wonderful in every way, ten times better than I ever expected in my wildest dreams any computer store people could be.  I want to marry them all and take them home.  But I can't so please give them big raises and bonuses.


Laura E.

Thank you!!! 

I want to thank Jeff for his help the other day. I had brought in a Duron 850 Processor and 256 MB RAM chip to test top verify if the problems I was having was in the processor the System Board I had at home. Jeff was thorough in the questions he asked about what I had done to troubleshoot the system locking up, then he ran several tests on the board I was looking purchase (K7T Turbo-R) and when the problem did not occur while he took his time to explain what he would do if the new board did not fix the problem. 
By the way, the problem has been fixed.

I appreciate the help and courtesy shown by your stores personnel.

Thank you.

 Eileen D.

Over the last few months, I have had my Intrex computer in your Durham service department a couple of times and have been very pleased with the work done by your technician Eric. He has communicated well with me, asked the right questions so I could explain the problems, and gone the extra mile to get the computer back to me in good shape. He is a good man and does good work for you and for your customers. Thank you very much.

 Ed W.

I have been a customer of Intrex since I bought my first computer and am a subscriber to your network server.  It has been a pleasure to deal with your support personnel by telephone and in your Holly Park store.  Everyone has been most helpful and patient in solving my ""novice"" problems.  Joe, at the Holly Park store, has been particularly kind in promptly straightening me out.

I am a most satisfied customer.


Charles M.

I have been wanting to send this feedback for some time expressing my appreciation for the exemplary service from the staff at Greensboro Intrex store.  Lewis F., Curtis M., Jonathan P., and Mike H. have all helped over a period of time.  

Following my A+ Certification last year, I put together two systems for which they were a tremendous help.  I am now an instructor at Greensboro's S***** Learning Center and am frequently stop by for answers to miscellaneous questions that come up from time to time that I cannot answer.  

I sense a keen awareness to give excellent service along with very good prices for all items purchased.  Colleagues at S***** also recognize the  good service and have commented on such over the past year.

Thank you very much. 

Fred W.

This is a short note to say thanks for the prompt repair of my computer.  I am a sales/field service representative for several industrial equipment manufacturers. My computer is used almost exclusively for business. My hard drive crashed on Friday at 2 pm. I carried the computer box to your Cary Parkway location. They replaced my 15 gig hard drive with a new 20 gig drive and recovered all software and data within 24 hrs. It was the best money that I have spent for service work in a long, long time. If you service your customers to death and offer fair pricing, your business will continue to grow beyond your expectations. This is my business philosophy and it is very refreshing to find companies that share this rare view of doing business.  Thanks again.

Mike B.

This is a letter of grateful thanks for the work Joe B. did on my PC.  We were in the middle of a house closing and desperately needed to print out our income tax forms from last year.  I brought the PC to Joe and he fixed it the same day, allowing me to meet the deadline.  

Thanks to Joe, I met my deadline and my PC is running fine.  

Joel F.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service I received at your Cary, NC store.  My hard drive crashed earlier this week, causing me much frustration since I do have business records stored on my computer.  Brad, the technician and others in the store were patient with me, worked very quickly to restore my computer, and were able to save the greater number of my files.  I certainly hope I will never experience this kind of problem again, but I know I'll feel comfortable going back to them with my computer needs.  Good customer service is so important, and when I experience it, I want to recognize it.  I will definitely refer my family and friends to Intrex in Cary.

Barbara M.

Had a system built by Intrex in January.  The folk at the Cary Parkway location are great people to do business with.  I think I have been  helped by everyone in the store at one time or another and they were all helpful and especially patient! You do a great job!!!  

Roger M.

I brought my crashed laptop to your shop on Thursday, 1/18, and was very impressed with the attention and effort put in by David A., who spent time investigating and explaining the problem, and looking for ways to fix it.  I want to thank David and congratulate the store with having such an outstanding employee.  

Victor B.

Brought in friends HP from up in Va. today with dead modem and was able to get it back in same day.  Thanks  to the crew in the Greensboro Store.  I  appreciated the work and considered the cost quite reasonable. Again, Thanks,

Joe D.

Many Thanks to Intrex.  My name is Jason P. and I am a new Intrex customer... I just wanted to express my thanks to the guys at the wake forest rd store!! I have bought a motherboard and a home network there in the past week, and have received wonderful customer service, good prices, and good quality product. I hope that your store keeps up the good work.

Jason P.

Great work!  Thanks so much to Tim at Intrex.  I brought in my computer with problems I couldn't solve, and I was working against a serious deadline.  He fixed the computer three days ahead of when he told me it would be ready.  I appreciate such excellent service, and I'll be back the next time I need a computer!  

Patricia F.

Just wanted you to know that Nick is an employee who certainly deserve recognition. Nick manages his team so well and professionally. His staff is always "cool", no matter how busy the store is, and everyone works like a team should. Hunter and the rest of the team are always pleasant and helpful.  

We have purchased 30+ PCs through Intrex for our school. Just wanted to give you this invaluable feedback! The Chapel Hill store does a great job of customer service.  

Nikki D.

I am writing to inform the Network Management Team at Intrex of the fantastic job performed for our company by David P.  David came in to assist with our NT Server.  We purchased the Compaq Brand NT Server from Alphanumeric earlier in the year. Managers of our company were not pleased (to put it mildly) with the work provided by Alphanumeric after purchasing this $10,000 system.  We have been in search of a "competent" group to provide the NT Server support that we needed.Our needs were as follows: 
1) Dial-up Networking - installation of RAS and the ability to check email messages and login to our server to work on office files;
2) Reconfigure 4 office PCs to work with the newly installed DSL Line (connected to our server).

The process really became complicated and cumbersome; however, David came in to tackle the project and worked very smart and successfully completed all components of both projects.  Indeed, the projects were complex, based on mis-configuration of Alphanumeric's original work.  Again, David figured it out and "fixed-it"!   Also, Bellsouth mis-configured the Cayman Router...again, David figured it out and "fixed-it"!  He worked very long and hard.  Our staff were relieved by his calm, composed and patient manner in which he handled all tasks. Most of all he understood our needs and exhibited solid ""NETWORK"" skills & abilities & knowledge & resourcefulness in handling this major project for the company. 

Intrex has saved us considerably a lot of headache, money and time in handling this project in a timely and efficient manner.  As a result, we are able to better service our clients. 

We certainly would like to continue this relationship with Intrex as we will have ongoing NT Server needs such as updates, etc. as we add new members to our staff and new computers to our network.

Francina T.

I would like to comment on the great technical support you provide.  Your Raleigh store on Old Wake Forest road is where I get support for numerous Intrex as well as Compaq systems.  Since personnel make or break a company, I'd like to commend Joe for numerous instances of good work.  He is part of the reason I depend on Intrex.  He is always patient and of course competent.  Give the technical support department and specifically Joe  a pat on the back for me. Thank you. 

Bruce C.

I'd just like to send a message of thanks for the prompt and thorough service I received last month when my computer required repair. I brought my machine in a little after 5 on a Friday after it simply refused to start up. John took the machine right to a service bench, opened up the case and diagnosed a failed power supply and ruined motherboard. He broke the bad news to me gently (especially since they were no longer under warranty) but gave me the good news that all the other system components were unharmed, and no data had been lost. Having been sufficiently frightened, I asked if he could install a Zip drive while he had everything open, and John gladly obliged. I walked out in a little over an hour with a repaired _and_upgraded computer and a whole lot more peace of mind. 

Fast, friendly, professional and expert service was one of the main reasons I decided to buy a machine from Intrex instead of from a larger chain or mail order supplier, and you really came through for me in a time of need.

Cyrus D.

Let me first preface this letter of ""Job Well Done,"" by saying many times before I said I would write a letter to recognize a job well done , (because in this day in time just getting what you should expect is a task). However I may not have made it around to putting in print. Having said that, Let me first commend your staff at the HOLLY PARK SHOPPING CENTER for being not only knowledgeable, but professional and more than willing to help out. I am not the most intelligent when it comes to computers but it appeared that they managed not only to keep from laughing at my obvious ignorance with simple computer tasks but made me feel that the assistance that I needed ranked even with the majority of assistance needed for any problem on any given day. I know that I got quite wordy while developing this E mail. I guess what I am saying in a nut shell is...... Great work And as you know ....... WORD OFMOUTH is the best advertising.  Thank You.

Gwendolyn J.

Recently, I bought a computer from you guys, and had some problems with a modem. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone there for your help in solving the problems.  You worked with me, were very timely, and didn't BS me.  I consider that honest, up front, kind of service,  unusual in today's business world. Thanks, 

Chris D

I was impressed with the excellent advice offered at the store on Battleground in Greensboro and at the help given to me by Shawn who installed the computer system and helped me with software.  Sean was excellent as was all aspects of the operation. I would recommend Intrex to anyone.

Lewis S

I am writing to say thank you and to compliment your company staff in the Winston-Salem store. On two occasions I have need of service on my (purchased from you) PC, and have taken it to the W-S store for service. I am nearly ""dumb"" when it comes to computers and admit it. However, the staff has politely ignored that fact and have given me great service, been most courteous to me on both trips. It is great to find a company that sells and services with the professional skills and understanding attitude demonstrated by these young men, as it is getting harder every day to find this combination or even singular attributes in the business world.

Dan E.

I just wanted to say what a great job Curtis and Steve do at your Greensboro store.  They have been of very valuable assistance to me with my new Intrex system. Please pass along my thanks.


Your Service to me has always been great. That is why I extended my Agreement for a twelve months period. Please keep up the good work and it is nice to have Intrex as my ISP. As you know, I purchased a Computer System from you last October....so far I am pleased with my purchase and I referred my friend to the same store (Glenwood) and he is also pleased with his purchase and ISP from Intrex. The best advertising is by word of mouth as you well know. Thanks and I am glad to give you positive feedback.

Bud T.

I wanted to write and comment about what a great help on of your employees was to me this past week. Her name is Cynthia, and she was at the Durham store on Thursday of this past week. I had some difficulty with a bad motherboard, and she very quickly helped me determine that the trouble was indeed with the motherboard. The Durham store did not have any more of that board in stock, so she made a phone call and had the Chapel Hill store hold one for me, and also requested that they check everything out before I left the store again to make sure everything was in working order. She was a great help to me, and was very pleasant to work with. Very personable and interested in my satisfaction with Intrex products. Please let her know of my appreciation! Thank you!

Lindsay S.

I want to express my appreciation to you for one of your employees  - Jody.  Recently I took my lap-top into your Greensboro shop on Battleground Ave. I know that laptops are not popular to work on. Jody took mine and solved the problem in a most pleasant, professional and efficient manner.

Thank you very much for your continued service.

Bill V.

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation for a recent service performed by Joe Bryan at the Holly Parks location. Joe promptly performed a complex upgrade and quickly resolved the pleura of seemingly hopeless Fatal Exception Error problems that I was experiencing. He was also amicable, professional and fully met my expectations as a customer. I believe that he is a very valuable resource for Intrex. Best regards.


I would like to say how pleased I  was with my recent encounter with tech support at the East Raleigh, NC store.  I had an intermittent problem with floppy disks getting destroyed after upgrading a pc with a new system board that I had purchased there.  I talked with Chip, a support tech, several times trying to determine the problem.  He was very patient and helpful in trying to diagnose the problem (replacing cables, floppy drive, and power supply).  I brought the system board in for a test at the store and it didn't fail.  After a couple telephone conservations with him after that, I brought the board back to the store and it was replace.  upon installing the new board, I still had the same problem.  I talked with Chip and we starting trying to look else where for the problem.  I then found out that there was an extra metal standoff from the old system board that did not match a hole in the new board.  This caused some floppy drive control signals to be shorted to ground.  I had worked several days trying to determine the problem and would not have found it, if it weren't for the help from Chip.

It is good to know that you have this good quality of support. Thanks again.

Grant C.

I can't tell you enough how the Durham store rocks when it comes to customer service. They are the best.  They have been sooooo very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks Intrex.

William W.

I wanted to take some time to tell you about a  couple of your employee's.  Nick and Hunter, they work at your Chapel Hill  location.  I wanted a computer I could upgrade, that would not be a piece of junk in a few years.  Hunter helped me find my PC and it has been wonderful!  My children use it constantly for school and their reports, we really couldn't do without it.  Anytime I have  ever had a problem or a question Hunter and Nick have always been there to  help.  It's been a few years and my pc just started having problems Nick told  me to bring it in.  We are at the end of the school year with finals and  science projects I had to have this pc and Nick took a quick look at it and was able to fix it on the spot, neither of them ever try to over sell me they tell me things like ""you really don't need it yet"" they ask me questions to  make sure I only get the equipment I need.

Nick and Hunter are wonderful boys and have made my life quite a bit easier, saved my daughters science project and helped my 16 years old with his finals  and my 13 year old with his end of year reports.  There are not words to  express my gratitude, I would like to see these outstanding, kind, helpful,  intelligent young men recognized for their thoughtfulness.  They are an asset  to your company and I think need to know how truly valuable they are.  Sincerely,

 Dawn M.

I just wanted to say what a great job Curtis and Steve do at your Greensboro store.  They have been of very valuable assistance to me with my new Intrex system. Please pass along my thanks.


I would like to take a moment to comment on the exceptional service I received from the Cary location.  My whole problem started when I tried to install Win2k and to make a long story short, I got to a point where my machine (built from parts sold at Intrex) wouldn't fdisk the hard drive.  I contacted Fujitsu tech support and they told me the hard drive was bad and that they would replace it.  However, on a whim, I called Intrex and asked if they would be able to replace it for me.  Davis answered the phone and with no hassle, told me that they would gladly replace it.  I drove in and explained the problem in detail to Davis.  He asked if I wanted him to check the drive, which I replied yes.  He took it to the back and promptly returned telling me that the drive appeared to be fine.  So I returned to my computer and again tried to get it to work.  However this time I couldn't get the floppy drive to recognize a disk.  After hours of trying I was very upset.  I quickly called Intrex again and explained my situation.  They asked me to bring the system in and that they would take a look at it.  I drove back and Scott took me to the back to examine the situation.  He quickly diagnosed that the IDE cable to the floppy was in backwards.  He also identified some other problems that I had been having.  Needless to say that within 30 mins I was bouncing out the door quite pleased.  Both Davis and Scott helped me with a smile.  They provided knowledgeable help even in a situation where they weren't going to be making a sale. 

It's refreshing to see service at such a high level provided by such an intelligent group of people.  I had always favored Intrex over larger chain stores for the more personal relationship.  But after this experience, Intrex will receive all of my future computer related business. 

Robbie E.

Brad, Bob, and several of your other employees were very helpful, as I was  upgrading my daughter's PC.  I must have called in 5 or 6 times, and each time, the store personnel, and the tech staff answered my questions in a very professional manner.  My daughter and the PC are back at college, and she can't believe how fast and reliable it's operating.  I've recommended your store to several of my friends and co-workers.

Thank you for good service,


I am a customer at the Battleground store in Greensboro, NC.  I would like to let you know that I received on numerous occasions excellent customer service at your store.  The knowledge of the staff and the friendly service are the reasons why I will continue to shop there.  Steven in particular, has been very helpful with my hardware, software, and driver conflicts.  He even took the time to help me install a SCSI CD-ROM drive which I purchased at the store.  Without his help and advice of the staff at the Battleground store I would have been unsuccessful.  I just wanted to type this note so that any merits or recognition that are given would be looked upon as well deserved.

Mathew R.

Thank you!  I just wanted to drop a note to express my total satisfaction with a recent dealing with your store on Battleground Ave, Greensboro NC.  

I am the President/CEO of  ***** Inc. here in Greensboro, N.C.  We have six computers that are used extensively for website development and CAD work. I took the first of six to your Battleground store to be upgraded.  Your employee, Curt, did the work and it was outstanding.  

On one visit, I had the opportunity to discuss some 'problems' I was experiencing with the upgraded computer (not Intrex's fault...rather, my own lack of knowledge) and Steve was able to not only resolve my issue(s) but steered me in the right direction to make an even better 'decision'.

The follow-on customer service (that is so important to us) has been great. Each and every time I've visited or called Curt (or his colleague, Steve), I've been received and dealt with on a professional and courteous manner.  My 'dumb' questions have been answered truthfully, completely, and with honesty.  Moreover, I've never felt that I was  a ""pain"" or ""dumb"".  

I would simply like to say Thank You for hiring such professionals.  I look forward to having our other computers upgraded by Intrex, at your Battleground store.  You can be certain that I will be a positive voice in our community for Intrex, and these two fine men who work so well with me.  


Bill D.

I am on my second Intrex computer. The first one, which is now about 6 years old, I gave to one of my daughters, and it is still going strong. I have recommended your computers to my sister, who bought one,  and a friend at work, who also bought one. At my recommendation, my other daughter is coming in this weekend to buy one. The reason I am so satisfied is because of your service. None of these computers has been trouble-free; one has been back three times. However, they have all been cheerfully repaired in a timely manner. When I call up the service desk with a question or problem, a REAL HUMAN BEING who actually knows something answers the 'phone.

Last week, I purchased an HP re-writable CD drive, not from Intrex (you were completely out). I had problems with it. I called HP 3 times, one time waiting 35 minutes just to get an agent, who tried for two hours to correct the problem, but to no avail. As a last resort, I called up tech service at Intrex. Even though I didn't buy the writer there, the technician was helpful, and suggested trying something which was exactly opposite from what HP had recommended. He hit the nail on the head, and it is now working fine. I wish I could remember his name to personally thank him. He works at the north Raleigh store, which is where I have done all of my business.  

I wish your company well. Please keep up your great service.  

John H.

I am writing this email to offer a thank you and a commendation to Raymond, a service technician at your Raleigh retail store. 

I have a 4-year old Gateway computer, for which the power supply failed on the evening of 12/29/99.  As close to the Y2K turnover as the problem occurred, and because of the nature of my wife's professional needs for the computer, this was not a timely failure, to say the least.  After calling a number of potential repair sites on Thursday, including the local Gateway store which surprised me by telling me that they did not want to have anything to do with the computer  and other shops that projected a delay of several days before they could work on the computer, I took my machine to your Raleigh store, which is practically around the corner from where I live.  

Ray answered the call, and within minutes began to work on the machine. After he was able to replace the power supply, Windows failed on my machine (a first for me) - and Ray quickly went to work on reloading the OS.  I was able to pick up the computer that afternoon.   New problems were encountered that prevented me from connecting to the Internet.  I returned the computer to the shop on Friday morning, and Ray again worked the problem, and quickly  fixed it with a re-install of the TCP/IP.  

While I realize that the problems that Ray were not major problems, I was extremely grateful for the speed and efficiency with which he worked on my computer.  Also, given the stress I was experiencing as a result  of the untimely computer failure, his friendliness, professionalism, and overall demeanor were also greatly appreciated.  It would be remiss of me to not make mention to you of the very positive experience I had at your Raleigh store last week and to, again, commend Ray for his work. 

I will remember the Raleigh store for my future computer servicing, upgrade and - perhaps - even purchasing, and will recommend your store to others. Thank you. 


Thad B.

I recently had a serious computer malfunction on a bad weather day.  I was delighted to find that Intrex was open. Cynthia was helpful and knowledgeable over the phone.  She correctly diagnosed my problem and fixed it in short order, thanks to her and Intrex I was up and running again.  I greatly appreciate her ability as a professional and believe that she greatly contributes to Intrex's overall operation in a positive way.  In fact where it not for her I would be using the Chapel Hill Intrex, or another computer firm all together.  I have my internet service with Intrex and appreciate people such as Cynthia. 

Sledd T.

I twice came into the Chapel Hill store with minor problems that were solved quickly and pleasantly. I came back for a chip and board upgrade.

Thanks for the great staff.

Tom A.

I recently decided to begin the daunting task of building my first computer. I embarked on this endeavor even though I am far from a computer expert. I visited your store on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, NC, to begin my project.  Daniel assisted me in selecting the right components for the computer I desired. With his advice and helpful tips, he turned what could have been a disaster into a delightful experience. 

Thanks for having this type of experienced, friendly and helpful individual as part of your company.  I will recommend Intrex to all of my associates. 

Carl G.

I had never assembled a PC before, but had always wanted to do so.  I went into your store for advice and to purchase the necessary products.  As it was my first time assembling a computer it took me the better part of one day to get the pieces together and the operating system installed, but it all worked.  I couldn't boot off of the IDE controller, so I revisited your store and found out how to get that part working. 

To make a long story short, the whole system works flawlessly.  One hears and reads of many bad experiences of problems with motherboards, modems, network cards and the like.  Perhaps I am lucky, but I experienced none of those problems. 

I would like to say that I am very happy with the products that you sold me, and more than that I am indebted to you for recommending a set of products that would work out of the box, and work well TOGETHER.  There is obviously a bewildering array of products out there, and for a newcomer, it is hard to figure out where to start.  You were able to give me good, solid recommendations.  I am also very happy with the fact that I was able to come back to the store and get my questions answered so I could finish putting the system together.  

I also couldn't help noticing that your prices were extremely competitive with mail order prices seen in places like the Computer Shopper and on the web.  In many cases, your prices were better than those alternative sources.  

I look forward to years of good performance from my new system, and to revisiting your store when I need additional products, and to recommending  you to others.


John G.


Great service is exactly the reason I recommend Intrex to anyone who asks.  Keep up the good work.

James B.

Dear Intrex,

I never take the time to fill out ""How was our service?"" forms anywhere. Not at restaurants.  Not with Mindspring, my ISP. Too busy. 

HOWEVER, Cynthia at your Durham store has provided me with EXCELLENT service on 3 or 4 occasions.  We've been so impressed with her.  I recommend Intrex continuously. I purchased several parts, she answered all my installation questions. Then I purchased the rest of the components to build an entire computer, again she was very helpful.  Some months later when my computer conked, she helped diagnose it immediately and then replaced my motherboard when it was determined to be a bad board.   I'm going to buy a computer from you for my mother. 

THANK YOU!  Intrex


Boy did I get some great service last month at the office in Raleigh.  For some reason my Palm software caused a problem with my modem, and the service department went above and beyond the call of duty to sit down with me and try and diagnose the problem, as well as giving me a few pointers about how to improve different aspects of my computer's performance.  While I hate having to unplug everything and hauling the CPU in for service, knowing that it will be repaired, promptly and thoroughly makes it worth the trouble.  I'll never be a ""power user"" but I still get great service, and feel very comfortable asking for help.  Thanks!

Zane C.

I just wanted to thank you for selling me that SonicWave sound card last week.  I won't be needing to return it because it installed just perfectly, unlike two others I had tried previously.  

During the install, Windows detected the chipset on the card, and the remainder of the installation completed even without my having to use the accompanying CD-ROM disk.  

At $17.95 (and free shipping, ha-ha), I don't think it can be beat. Thanks and regards,

Howard G.

I am a loyal Intrex customer because of the outstanding service support I have received during the four years I have owned one of your computers.  Most recently you checked for Y2K compliance and corrected a deficiency. David was most helpful in explaining my options.  Luckily, he was able to fix the problem promptly, and, since no new hardware was require, at no cost.

Thank you David.  Thank you Intrex.

Charles M.

Thanks for your help. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for your assistance with my computer problems. I was in yesterday with a connection problem (slow page loading) in a computer that I built with parts I bought from you (everything except the modem and HD). It turns out that my old modem was fried and the Communicator V.90 that I bought from you is working perfectly. Thanks again for your assistance and support. Regards, 

Edward W.

Good Service! In this day of slipshod service and people who don't really care about customers, It is a pleasure when someone does it right.  I just wanted to mention how pleased I am about the top notch service I received from Dave at your Raleigh Holly Park store.  He had to debug several problems and add several pieces of equipment to get my new mother board to work in an outdated machine.  He always called to let me know what was going on and give me options for dealing with each problem encountered.  He was very patient, got the problem solved, and really treated me well.  The price was good, too!

I have not hesitated to recommend your service to others.  Thanks, Dave. 


Mac J.

I want to commend Cynthia, Assistant Manger, Durham. She is unfailingly pleasant, knowledgeable, supportive, and responsive to the needs of a harried Intrex owner/user!  I bought my computer, printer, scanner from Intrex (Tim was/is wonderful, too!) a year and a half ago & recently had some problems.  Cynthia solved the problem (new parallel port was needed) quickly and dealing with her was terrific! She called me several times to update me on what the problem was and the time frame for fixing it.  She is one of your most valuable assets!  Please commend her in the best way possible! Let her know, too, that she has a very, very loyal Intrex customer!  Thanks for passing this information along to whomever might see to it that Cynthia is commended well for her service!  Thanks.

Toni K.

I just had my system built by you guys, and I just wanted to say thanks a million! Its working so beautifully. I am going to be coming back to your store for any needs that I have as well as send anyone who needs work to you. Thanks again!!

John S.

I'm writing to let you know about my experience as an Intrex customer. I work in a department at duke university and have a consulting business, with both interests buying a lot from Intrex since it first opened.  While I've had minimal, but great contact with the Raleigh store, I primarily work with the Durham store on my purchases.

Recently I had to deal with a rush order I had from a client. The manager, Tony, being on vacation, left the management in the very capable hands of Cynthia.  She expedited my last-minute order with precision and speed.  She even called to follow-up on everything.  I met my deadline, had quality product, and my client is pleased. 

In closing, along with Tony and Cynthia, Paul (in service) has been exceptional as well.  I don't know where you find folks like this, but you don't find them very often.  Simply put, they care about what they're doing and go a long way to meet the customer's needs.  I sincerely hope that you take good care of them, as this store is a great model for others to follow. 


David G.

I am writing to compliment the management at the Chapel Hill store. Nick has been more than  accommodating in meeting our school needs as we continue to upgrade our PCs. He also was very helpful in assisting us with building machines to our specifications that were needed for our library/media lab. He is extremely knowledgeable and able to help us out in tight time frames, all in a very calm style. I am very confident that with his management style and technical staff, Intrex will continue to be able to meet our needs and exceed our expectations. 


Nikki D.

Thanks to Jeff for the help in getting the system back up. He took a personal interest and I appreciate the attitude as well as the skills.

John M.

Dear Manager:  I want to commend and thank your employee Joe for his personal help and expertise during a recent problem I was having with a modem I had purchased at your store 3 months ago.  He took the time to listen to my problem and then patiently led me through a step by step diagnosis when I returned to my  office with my computer online to find that I still had a problem.  He worked with me until everything was resolved to my complete satisfaction.  It is the kind of service and customer orientation that everyone talks about these days, but almost no one delivers.  He not only solved my problem, he did it in a timely manner that saved me a great deal of time, money and aggravation.  Thanks to him, I was able to meet some very important deadlines.  You can now count me as a permanent customer and I will tell all my friends about you.  Please thank the young man for his help.

If you can clone him, I would urge you to do so! 

Ronald E.


This is just a few lines to let you know that I was VERY impressed with the customer service given by the manager of the Glenwood Ave, Raleigh store.  Jason spent considerable time working on my computer, and was very thorough in his explanation of what needed to be done.  At all times, he was extremely pleasant and helpful...I really can't say enough good things about his work.  When I had a few problems setting up my machine at home, he offered valuable suggestions and seemed to care about the difficulties I was experiencing.  I can quite honestly say that should I need any more assistance with my computer, I will head to that store first, and specifically request to work with him.  He is a credit to your company!

Thank you for taking a few moments to read through this.  I sincerely hope that Jason will in some way be rewarded for his hard work and dedication! 


Heidi I.

The customer service at both the store and with the internet is GREAT!  I have recently had my computer upgraded and couldn't have been more pleased with the service.  I chose Intrex to build my computer 2 1/2 years ago because of the service and they have not disappointed.  Thanks Intrex for making it fun to have a computer.  My internet service and web site are both with Intrex and I have not complaints.  Every time I have had a question about my service, the folks at Intrex.net have always helped me solve the problem.  Theres a link on my web site for both Intrex.net and Intrex.com.  I really do appreciate everything that Intrex has done for me as far as my computer goes.  Thanks to everyone!

Pam M.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and explain things.  I first heard good things about your store here at ****** Marketing and there recommendations have proven reliable.  I'll be back.

David S.

You've got a customer for life....Thanks for all your help with my CD-RW drive. It is working better than ever! 

Thanks again...Mike F.

I would like to compliment your service department at the Chapel Hill location.  Both the store and the service department have been most helpful, kind and responsive to a problem that I have had for some time with my computer. 

I would especially like to thank you for having Tim and Eric there to help your customers.  I purchased the computer from Intrex so that I might have support here in Chapel Hill and it has worked just as I had planned. 

Thank you again. 
Jerry P.

"I just wanted to thank you very much for your tech support. I brought a new sound card and couldn't get it to load and called your tech and he was very helpful to me. Again I just wanted to thank you.                          Thank You"

Doug C.

"Kudos!  "Just want to give praise where it is due. Bought my computer from the Cary store in November after my old one crashed. Not being a techno freak I simply told them what I wanted to do and wanted to pay.  

The few glitches that developed were fixed immediately and my technical questions answered promptly and patiently guiding me how to.  

I subscribed to your internet service and never once have received a busy signal!

My cousin, who is 76, is almost convinced that cyber space may be all right, with E-Mail, On-Line Services and the World Wide Web of information. When she goes to purchase I am going to convince her to go to Intrex based on my experience. 

Thanks for a job well done!"

Dudley M.

"I would like to extend my thanks for the help you gave us on getting the 21 computers delivered today.  My students will appreciate it also.  The driver was right on time at the exact spot I asked him to deliver the   computers.  He was friendly and did an excellent job. 

Thanks again for a job well done by INTREX. "

Tom H.

"I would just like to let you know that you have the best service personnel I have ever encountered.  Your salesmen are friendly and knowledgeable and your service techs experienced, patient, and friendly.  I have just recently made purchases from your Raleigh store and I am extremely satisfied with the service, especially from the salesman Justin and the service tech James.  I intend to go to Intrex first for my future computing needs.  Thank You.

A Highly Satisfied Customer,"

Michael W.

"I would like to commend Ramsey on his prompt response and innovative solution to a customer service issue I recently had.  He was through and professional in his explanations of my alternatives and receptive to my points in the matter.  At the conclusion of our conversation I feel we had a mutually beneficial resolution to the problem.

I look forward to doing business with Intrex future."

Bob F.

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note. This is mainly to express my appreciation to the personal service that both Davis & Phillip have shown after our last episode.  I have purchased 3 systems since that time and have been extremely satisfied with the level of service that they both have shown. Please do not hesitate to offer my name as a reference if needed, it is the least that I can do.  I would also hope that you take this into consideration the next time that both Phil & Davis are up for review, as their pay should adequately reflect their commensurate and exemplary service.  My hats off to both of them as well as the rest of the crew in Cary. 

I foresee needing approximately 15-20 additional systems/component sets this year alone and it's nice to know that I have qualified technical help available from my supplier who can rise to the occasion when duty called.  

Thanks again " 

Keith H.

"A++ service rating.  Eric and Nick provided excellent service to solve my modem problem this week.  Eric replaced my Wisecom modem promptly when I first brought my computer in with a problem.  He checked the new modem, which was working properly in the Elliott Rd. store, before I returned home.  When I hooked things up last night, I was disappointed to find the same problem.  I returned to the store this morning, and Nick checked it out, only to find it working fine.  He then asked a series of questions to attempt to isolate my problem.  I had already attempted most of his suggestions.  He then asked what part of town I lived in and asked if BellSouth had replaced any equipment in our general area.  They had, and we decided that the Wisecom was not compatible with the new phone equipment.  I purchased a new US Robotics, which Nick installed right on the spot.  I'm now back home, hooked up, and all is working well.  I even got a full credit for my old modem toward a new one.  I'll be back!  "

George M.

"A short time a week ago, our home PC developed a series of symptoms which had occurred once before, and which were very difficult to diagnose. The drives became unreadable, and huge blocks of files on the C drive were fragmented into isolated chains. The computer had been assembled by Viking Technology, which went out of business a week after we had purchased the computer two years ago. I had a great deal of work to do, and lacked the time to learn how to deal with the failure of my system.

At your Parkway Pointe store in Cary, Davis discussed the options with me and determined how I could obtain an Intrex system at low cost and using peripherals from the former system. In desperation, I brought the old peripherals into the store and Phil graciously set the Windows software up so that all parts were communicating, and the new Colorado Backup tape system was functioning as well. Davis was creative, patient and careful in designing the options so that I was able to obtain an upgraded system at very modest cost, and Phil compassionately, thoroughly and and rapidly rebound the various parts into an effective software unit.  

I am very grateful to these excellent young men for there superb assistance. Because of them I will be recounting the praises of Intrex to anyone at the University who will listen. Knowledgeable colleagues there confirm that your company, through these two employees, ""did well"" by me. 

I congratulate you on their appointment to your company. 

With gratitude, and every good wish " 

Dale R.

"I just wanted to drop a line to tell you that I think you have a fantastic operation.  This morning at 11 am I brought my pc into your Durham NC store for a hard drive and memory upgrade after making thorough cost comparisons in my area, on the web, and in various publications.  I had a call from your store before 5 pm the same day to tell me they were all through.  The salesman even carried my cpu to and from my car.  It seems like a little thing, but in these days of tough competition, it is the little things that count.   And the cost could NOT be beat!  And unlike other horror stories I have heard, the quoted estimate was indeed what I was charged. 

Rest assured, I will be recommending your business to everyone.  Thanks so much."          


"I recently bought a memory upgrade and a new CD-RW drive at the Raleigh store.  Had a few problems with installation, but a phone call was all it took.  Nice to know you can still call at least one place in the world, talk to a real person(!) and get an answer (a correct one no less!) without having to sit on hold for an hour or getting routed to ""another department"". 

The more I deal with this outfit the more impressed I get.  And I figure when you're doing a good job, somebody ought to tell ya.  Anyway, seems like things are back up and running again.  Thanks."

James B.

"I just want to thank you guys at the Raleigh location for helping us out. You were really nice and informative with us. Thanks again."          

Paula T.

"I would like to thank Eric for an excellent job in restoring my computer.  He fixed everything I ask for and he anticipated some things that would affect my operations and took care of them for me!  Thats service.

 His advise and rapid solution to my problems were a welcome relief to those of us that do not spend hours on  computer ""stuff"" but most use them for business. I E-mailed Intrex Corp also telling them of my pleasure with Eric's performance. 

Thanks again." 

Roger B.

"This is to give you feedback about my experience with Intrex Chapel Hill.  I had erroneously messed-up some files.  I carried my computer to Intrex in Chapel Hill.  Tim was most gracious.  He checked out the machine and made the necessary adjustment and called me to come and get my machine.  He was very patient with me and helped me to describe the problem.  He gave me good service and the price was very good.   Many thanks."

Grady F.

"Excellent service and polite employees.

I shop at the Durham and Chapel hill shops. Both places are very good."

Hank H.

"I just wanted to write to express my appreciation for the service I have received at the Intrex in Chapel Hill.  I've dealt with them on several occasions over the last few months, and I've been impressed by their unique combination of professionalism, competence, and friendliness.   

On my most recent visit, due to a lack of appropriate packing materials for my CPU, the sales associate installed the CPU, fan, and memory on my motherboard, so as not to risk bending the pins on the CPU.  He had no obligation to do this, yet he insisted on doing so.  Also, another associate carried the bulk of my purchase (the case) out to the car for me; again, this was far beyond what I expect from a sales rep from a computer company.  

So thank you, Intrex computers, and especially the personnel of the Chapel Hill store.  I plan to use you exclusively for all my business and personal computer needs. 

Thanks again"

Joe Y.

"This letter is to express our thanks to the Intrex crew at the Durham location for the excellent job they have done on the big lot of PC computers we've ordered from them.

The job was done promptly, neatly and correctly. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, we enjoyed the great deal of support from them.  

We are looking forward to work with Intrex in the future again and we'll recommend your company to our clients, users and friends. "

Artem K.

"I would like to highly praise Tim, Manager of the Chapel Hill Intrex computer store.  I bought my complete computer system from Tim several months ago and have found Tim to be a tremendous support to me since then.  Tim is always polite, resourceful, and pleasant about any problems I bring to him, be they hardware or software.  It's a pleasure to know that he is always ready to advise and help me without impatience at my lack of knowledge!  Intrex is indeed lucky to have Tim on its team.  He is a tremendous asset to your company both as a person and computer expert.

I really can't say enough good things about Tim!  I refer friends to Tim as often as possible knowing that they will receive the best treatment and product in the area.  Thanks to him my experience with Intrex has been tremendous."        

Toni K.

"I've had several occasions lately to deal with your Chapel Hill store.  The first time (a repair job on a ""big box"" purchase) led me to buy an Intrex computer for home use.  

Recently I relocated my computer, and then couldn't get a dial tone.  Turned out I had been using the wrong phone jack in back.  Not only did  they help with the problem, they did it in a way that didn't make me  feel like an idiot...a true test of tact if ever I've seen one! " 

Ken N.

"To the Intrex team: 

Your sales, support, and service folks are doing a great job!  I've been an Intrex customer for about 4 months.  And, whether I'm in one of the triangle stores or on the phone with tech support for my parts or internet account, I have always received prompt professional help.  Your local support lines beat the pants off the companies with the never-ending call queues and busy signals.  Even when I've had questions that stumped the staff, they have never given up easily, usually going the extra mile to explain things and find resources outside of Intrex.

Thanks for the great service! "

Mark Jenkins

"I want to thank James in the Service Dept. at the Raleigh Store for the great service he provided me yesterday.  I wanted to add an extra printer card to my 2 year old Intrex System.  His personal attention was very appreciated. Service like this will make me come back when I am ready to upgrade.  Thanks again."

Todd W.

"I went by the Intrex store and exchanged a defective motherboard last night.  I don't know if the collection of a dozen receipts from Intrex over the past year had any bearing on the matter or not.  However, I am happy that the folks know how to take care of a customer."


"I would just like to let you know that you have the best service personnel I have ever encountered.  Your salesmen are friendly and knowledgeable and your service techs experienced, patient, and friendly.  I have just recently made purchases from your Raleigh store and I am extremely satisfied with the service, especially from the salesman Justin and the service tech James.  I intend to go to Intrex first for my future computing needs.  Thank You."

Michael W.

"I buy things from you and enjoy the prices. You've got a great report card at SAS where I work, lots of fans there. I was struck again by how quick and easy to use your web site is, especially when compared to ***.com. :) 

Thanks, keep up the good work." 

Carl M.

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